World Cup round 2 in Spain

I was going in to these competitions not feeling very well prepared, due to the strain i got in my right thigh a few weeks ago, but I was still hoping to do some good results. The long distance was really tough, and I was having a hard time getting in to my usual orienteering flow and physical shape in the beginning of the race, and it was not until 80 minutes I was starting to feel strong, and from there on and in it felt like I could go really fast. Unfortunatly, at this point Olav had already caught me up with 3 minutes, so I stayed behind him for a little while, and planned to push really hard in the more flat ending of the course. But as we came in to control number 22 there was no flag there. We were a little bit confused, but quickly an organiser came running, telling us to continue our race, and so we did. At control 23 we were once again a little confused, but I realised quite quickly that there were no flag here either, and we found a marking on the ground and continued. From here on in, though, I wasn’t really feeling to push hard, since I was expecting the race to be cancelled (which it was), and I just ran the rest of the course quite comfortably. In the end, I had a time that would have been enough for a 3rd place, after Olav and Baptiste, but unfortunatly no World Cup points for anyone this day.

The middle distance on the sunday was a fucking disaster. I ended up as 7th, 1.40 behind Oleksandr Kratov, but with more than 3 minutes of mistakes, and I can’t be anyway near satisfied with that. At least I know that the running form is good, so now I am really psyched for EOC that is starting tomorrow with middle qualifier. Going to smash it then!

Nice wather in Iberia! (photo: Lilian Forsgren)

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