Kuopio-Jukola – a big disappointment

There is not so much to say. I am (and I think that the rest of the team agrees) disappointed. We had high hopes before the competition, but didn’t manage to step up our game and make decent, stable performances throughout the relay. Not all was bad, of course, but we just can not be happy with a 38th place (even though it was 2 places better than last year). After analysing the split times, leg times and results, I would say that we really should have been top 20. And we are only 30 minutes from the 8th place, which, I promise you, we could easily shave off from our mistakes.  With good runs all the way through, and a little bit of luck, top 10 is not impossible!

My own race was not great. Too many small direction errors, and then I fucked it up in the end, missing both the second and third last control. Simply not good enough!

We have so much potential in our team, and that is really inspiring. The big, international relays are highlights of the season, and I just can’t wait for the next opportunity for us to show everyone what OK Ravinen’s young team can do!


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