Back on track: A winter without major setbacks

After a summer with a lot of problems, it feels great to be able to say that I am back on track. With a little distance to last year, I can say that my physical problems most definitely was caused by over training (or rather, under-rest). From the beginning of June to the end of October I struggled with my shape. That’s 5 months. 5 really tough months, but eventually it did go back to feeling normal again. I have learned a lot from this tough period, and I feel confident that I will be ably to handle my training better the years to come.

This winter’s training has been going really well. I have found new habits, that will help me even further in my orienteering, and I feel that I am continuing to develop as an orienteer. I really believe that I will be better in 2016 than ever, and I am really looking forward to the season, and to the rest of the winter training. I feel like I have found a good mix of time home, with regular club trainings, and time away on camps. So far I’ve been to France (Chalmazel/Clermont-Ferrand/Fontainebleau), Målilla, Portugal (Penamacor), and Slovenia (Lokev/Lipica) on orienteering camps (maps in my DOMA) and to Idre, Grövelsjön, and Idre again on XC-skiing camps. To come is Grövelsjön again for XC-skiing, and later some time in Skåne/Halland as EOC-preperation and, of course, in Strömstad as WOC-preperation before the Swedish competitions starts.





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  • Är nyfiken på dina Skåne/Hallands planer? Juniorlandslaget kommer till Halmstad/södra Halland 5-8 mars och jag förbereder träningarna för fullt. Lycka till under Ol-säsongen 2016.

  • Lite felsyftning av mig i nyheten, inser jag, men det jag syftade på var när landslaget här läger efter Swedish League i April. Brukar vara schysst, ser fram emot det. :-)

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