Mixed feelings after the World Championships

A World Championships on home ground really is something special. We have prepared for WOC 2016 for many years, and I have spent countless hours in relevant terrain, just to be able to have a peak performance in the summer of 2016. So much planning and preperations. Now, two weeks later, I can definitly say that it didn’t go as planned.

Just as last year, I had big problems with my physical shape, and on both the middle and long distance I really struggled towards the end of the course. The relay and sprint relay felt okay, but there was definitly something missing. I didn’t have the speed I am used to, and that was really frustrating.

I am really disappointed with how my WOC-week turned out. Two years in a row with the worst shape of the year at WOC – not something I am satisfied with. I really have to evaluate and rethink my tapering strategy, even though it has worked flawlessly many years before. Maybe I have changed, and I must try something else in the coming years.

Even though my performances was a lot worse than I had hoped for, I did come home with two bronze medals, which I am really happy about. It feels strange to say that I had a really bad WOC when I got a medal in 50% of my races, but still I can’t help but to fret over what could have been if only my shape was like I had hoped it would be. I am trying not to dwell on this too much – there is a lot of things to look forward to. After all, it was just another WOC, and there will be a new one already next year. A new chance for me to come to WOC in the best shape of the year. And if I manage that it will be a whole different thing compared to this championship.


Happy with 3rd place at the Sprint Relay


In action




Happy & relieved after a relay bronze

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  • Look for a joy, every time :)! That is the missing point :)!

  • Återkommer om formtoppning

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