Taking the next step 2017?

After last year I made some minor changes to my training, to make sure that I will continue to develop. Nothing big, but probably enough for me to get out of my training comfort zone. A little more focus on the hard sessions, a little more strict with the easier ones. And it has been going really well! In some periods I have felt that my training load has been higher that ever, but I have always managed to recover in my rest periods. I feel like I have been running better and quicker than ever on some days, but my day-to-day shape has also been going up and down, and has been a lot more difficult to predict than earlier years. I think that this might be a positive thing; a consequense of that I have been able to train closer to optimum than before.

Up until one month ago I had had no setbacks at all, but the last month has been a bit tougher. It started with me jumping down a cliff at the last MOC race in Italy (12/3) and smashed my foot pretty bad. It took a little more time than anticipated to heal, and it was just this week I felt that I could run as much as I wanted. I didn’t last long, however, since I smashed my other foot really hardd against a root during a relay training in Estonia this thursday, meaning it was back to the bike again. Hopefully this won’t keep me from running for as long, though.

A little too much time spent on the spinning bike the last month...

A little too much time spent on the spinning bike the last month…

I am really eager to get the season going, and to see if I have taken the next step. Maybe this year will be the year when I’m finally fighting for an individual WOC gold medal.

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  • Bravo Gustav. Wish you a speedy recovery. Really enjoy reading your blog – I hope this year is your year!

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