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World Cup round 1 in Tasmania

The World Cup year 2015 started already the 2nd of January, with sprint qualifications in Cataract Gorge just outside Launceston. The area was really amazing from a touristic point of view, but maybe not from a sprint orienteering perspective. Anyhow, I enjoyed it, and could cruise around the course quite comfortably to a 2nd place […]

Two Bronze Medals // Två bronsmedaljer

This text was published in the Swedish O-magazine Skogssport nr 9 on the 10th of November 2014. The original Swedish version can be read below. Orienteering wise, this year has easily been my best so far, with several victories and goldmedals to bring home during the season. I have won the Swedish Silva League, I […]

A chaotic summer

This summer has been quite chaotic for me. It has been the best summer ever in many ways, but also the worst summer ever in some (luckily a lot fewer!) ways. I have been fighting with back problems since the beginning of June, and it is is still an issue (however a lot more manageable […]

A long wait, a disaster, and a big success: WOC 2014 in Italy

This years WOC has had its ups and downs (mostly ups), and has been somewhat of an emotional roller coaster for me, which is a new experience during a big championship. But mainly I have just enjoyed my time in Italy with the amazing swedish team. It has been, as it always is with the […]

Reliving JWOC 2009

After our pre-camp in Lavarone last week, a few of the swedish national team runners (including myself) went up to Passo Rolle to make our final WOC preparations. For me it has been quite special, since it was here in Passo Rolle I had my first big international succes, winning the JWOC long distance 2009. It […]

Kuopio-Jukola – a big disappointment

There is not so much to say. I am (and I think that the rest of the team agrees) disappointed. We had high hopes before the competition, but didn’t manage to step up our game and make decent, stable performances throughout the relay. Not all was bad, of course, but we just can not be […]

Kongsberg & Imatra with back problems (& some other problems too…)

After some time with only Swedish competitions, I was really psyched for the international season to continue with World Cups in Norway and Finland. I do always enjoy tough terrain and good, long, courses, so I was especially looking forward to the middle and long in Kongsberg. I felt really confident about these races, and […]

Sprint-SM Gold in Uppsala

I came into this weekend as reigning Swedish Champion in sprint, which has never happened before, and I was feeling quite optimistic about my chances for another good race, and hopefully a medal. My expectations for the event was sky high, since I really trusted the organisers in OK Linné, and I knew that they […]

Silva League final in Luleå

This thursday I travelled straight (almost) from Lavarone in Italy to Luleå, and went from WOC-training mode to competition mode. Despite some troubles with our luggage (it didn’t show up at Arlanda on the thursday, and I had all my orienteering stuff in that bag – but eventually it all worked out fine, with the […]

WOC selections and WOC training

After 10mila, I went to Italy and Lavarone for 2 great weeks of WOC training (and test races in the middle of the camp). My main focus was not at all on the test races, but on my own preperations for WOC, and therefore I tried to train quite hard throughout the camp and not […]