WOC 2023 in Flims-Laax

WOC in Switzerland, one week later:
Difficult to summarize, and probably too early to draw any conclusions, but I can at least say that it didn’t end up as I invisioned it. I am very happy with my technical performances, and my focus in an extremely demanding situation, but terribly dissapointed with my physical shape. A couple of weeks before I felt that I was on track, but then something happened. A really bad lumbago one week before the races wasn’t helpful of course, but maybe there was something else as well. That it affected me a lot is safe to say, and my last week of preperations changed from tapering to a race against time to be able to run at all. I am happy that I could run, happy that we won a relay medal, happy that I get to be a part of this team, but frustrated and sad about the lumbago timing and that I was unable to perform the way I wanted to.

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  • Jeg hadde håpet å se deg i O-Ringen år. Jeg tror at terrengtypen skulle ha passet deg veldig bra. Jeg ville hatt deg som soleklar favoritt på førsteetappen.

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