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WOC in Østfold

Another WOC done, and I’m actually kind of happy that it is over! WOC is always an emotionally turbulent week, and this year was no exception. After a great spring season (and with WOC in a terrain that suits me well), I had high hopes for good results, but in the weeks leading in to […]

A fantastic spring season!

This spring season hase gone really well! I felt during the winter training that I was making good progress, and it has shown on the competitions so far this year. After finding some routines with Nore (parenthood have been an adjustment for sure, but he is an easy baby to keep happy, and I have so […]

Life changes!

Life changes! Nore was born on March 11th at Södersjukhuset in Stockholm. And as life changes, so must you, to adapt and evolve. Nore is a healthy baby who eats and grows as he should, and to spend time with him is amazing, but also demanding (at least sometimes). That means that you have to […]

Post-WOC: Finding my shape again

After WOC I focused on finding my training routine again, since I felt that I had not been running enough since my knee injury at EOC in Switzerland in May. Obviously it payed off, because after I increased my training load again I found my shape that had been missing since the injury. The first […]

WOC 2018 in Latvia

Dissappointment. That would be the word to use, if I would try to summarize this years WOC with only one word. I felt prepared, but didn’t manage to live up to my expectations on how I should perform on the most importand competition of the year. The middle distance was OK, but nothing more. Neither […]

EOC: An abrupt end (and recovery)

EOC came and went a little too quickly for me. Despite being a bit unsure of my physical shape coming in to the championship, I felt confident I could make some good performances during the week. I had a quite tough programme planned, running every race except the Sprint Relay. The first race was the […]

Confidence and uncertainty

My training this winter has been going really well. I have been feeling stronger than ever and running faster than ever. On Tuesday mornings on the indoor track in Sätra I have really felt the improvement. I’ve never been this close to Jonas on the intervals. It also feels like my focus on hill running […]

What makes a succesful season?

2017 was a dissappointment. Or was it? Maybe it was a step in the right direction, or maybe it was my best season so far. It is always a bit tricky to evaluate a season, but I think that this season is the trickiest yet. The winter training last year went well, really well, and […]

WOC 2017 in Estonia

World Championships is over, and for me it was really short and intense. Being selected only for middle and relay meant that I was preparing for two races in two days in the very end of the championship, and a long wait to get started. I felt prepared both physically and technically, so I was […]

Taking the next step 2017?

After last year I made some minor changes to my training, to make sure that I will continue to develop. Nothing big, but probably enough for me to get out of my training comfort zone. A little more focus on the hard sessions, a little more strict with the easier ones. And it has been […]