Becoming four!

The winter and spring has come and gone, and both training and racing has not been as consistent as I had hoped for, but still good enough to find myself in a nice position ahead of World Sprint Champs coming up in Edinburgh.

My preparations has been different from earlier years, doing a lot more training on my own at home instead of traveling Europe racing and training. It feels a bit weird to go into a championship with no international racing done, and with very little time spent sparring with the other swedes. Some in the Swedish WOC team I haven’t seen in months!

It all has it’s explanation in that we became parents for the second time in the end of May, with Otis being born during the first World Cup rounds. I’ve had a different approach to the summer than earier years, with so much unceirtanty about selections and not knowing which races I will be able to go to, and in the end I am grateful for being able to go my own way and still be selected for WOC. But mostly I am grateful for the whole family being healthy, and that we finally became four!

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