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Looking back at 2020

2020 has been a demanding year, for sure, but it has also been full of highlights. Even if the pandemic struck hard and paralyzed our whole society fram March onwards, the first couple of months of the year was the toughest for our family, trying to cope with illness and finding a way forward from […]

The shortest competition season

With Euromeeting cancelled, my competition season is now over. This year it was very short – it had barely begun before it ended. I am very happy that we got at least some high profile races this year, even if they were few. The Swedish Championships were cancelled along with every other race, but on […]

The longest off season

284 days without racing, 293 without orienteering competitions. That is the longest I have gone without racing since I started doing it, when I was younger than 8 years old. So you can easily say that this year has been special! Sweden has had a little bit different approach to handling the pandemic than most […]

World Cup Overall Winner and Swedish Champion: a summary of the autumn season

As usual the autumn is super intense for the elite orienteers (maybe especially so for the swedes, since our domestic program with the Swedish Championships is quite demanding), and this year was no exception. The Swedish Championships in Hälsingland in September was great – really nice competitions in fantastic terrain, and I managed to find […]

Thoughts on the World Cup in China

The World Cup final this year will take place in Guangzhou in China next week, which was decided two years ago. I believed then, and I still believe now, that it is a bad idea from the International Orienteering Federation to place a high profile event in a country with such obvious problems with democracy […]

WOC in Østfold

Another WOC done, and I’m actually kind of happy that it is over! WOC is always an emotionally turbulent week, and this year was no exception. After a great spring season (and with WOC in a terrain that suits me well), I had high hopes for good results, but in the weeks leading in to […]

A fantastic spring season!

This spring season hase gone really well! I felt during the winter training that I was making good progress, and it has shown on the competitions so far this year. After finding some routines with Nore (parenthood have been an adjustment for sure, but he is an easy baby to keep happy, and I have so […]

Life changes!

Life changes! Nore was born on March 11th at Södersjukhuset in Stockholm. And as life changes, so must you, to adapt and evolve. Nore is a healthy baby who eats and grows as he should, and to spend time with him is amazing, but also demanding (at least sometimes). That means that you have to […]

Post-WOC: Finding my shape again

After WOC I focused on finding my training routine again, since I felt that I had not been running enough since my knee injury at EOC in Switzerland in May. Obviously it payed off, because after I increased my training load again I found my shape that had been missing since the injury. The first […]

WOC 2018 in Latvia

Dissappointment. That would be the word to use, if I would try to summarize this years WOC with only one word. I felt prepared, but didn’t manage to live up to my expectations on how I should perform on the most importand competition of the year. The middle distance was OK, but nothing more. Neither […]

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