WOC Sprint

Today I have run my first races at this World Champs, and it feels really good to have gotten started! My performances, however, haven’t been quite as good as I hoped for.

The qualifier this morning was quite okay. In my opinion a quite easy and boring course, where I managed to mess up the only control with any route choice difficulties. The course suited me quite badly as well, with a lot of monotone running on grass without any changes in direction. Dispite all this, I managed to qualify quite easily, and since the final was going to be more technical, I was really looking forward to it.

GPS-tracking (my GPS is barely working…)

The final was going to be great, and I thought that I had good chances  of gettin a top 6 result if I did a perfect run. But I didn’t have a perfect run… After an OK start, I made a stupid mistake to number 7. What was I thinking?! Anyway, the race continued, and I was doing alright again. But then to number 10 I again lost a lot of time, but this time more because of bad luck. The printing on the map had chaved off in a crease, when I had folded the map earlier, and I found myself looking at a small house instead of the canopy I was expecting. After some confused seconds looking for some kind of tunnel under the house I realised what  had hapened and I turned around. To this point I had lost 30 seconds in mistakes, and was trailing a bit behind. The mistake made me feel a bit drained of energy, but a still managed to perform a decent 2nd half of my race, losing only 15 seconds to Måre.

In the end I finished as number 17, which is an OK result I guess, but I’m quite disappointed. 30 seconds faster and I would have had a good run, which would have put me somewhere around 6-7th place. Fortunatly I have another chance to have a great race in the middle, and that chance I intend to take.

GPS-tracking (once again my GPS wasn’t working properly)



How the map should’ve looked like to number 10:

How it really looked like:

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