End of the domestic season with 25manna and WRE

After the final round of the World Cup there were still som races in Sweden to be run, including 25manna, which is always great fun, especially since it is the big relay where OK Ravinen has the best team. This year we were really aiming for a place among the top 10, which was well within reach. After a bit weird relay for us, we found ourselfs in 14th position, which is OK i guess, but we really had chance for a lot more! We lost so much time on a few legs (6 and 7 mostly) where we shouldn’t have lost anything, and even so, we were only 2 minutes from Göteborg-Majorna in 8th place, and only 10 minutes from Hiidenkiertäjät in 4th place. 10 minutes?! We could easily have been 15 minutes faster if we had made great runs all the way. But unfortunatly we didn’t, and I can’t help to be a bit disappointed. Top 10 would have been so nice! Map. Results.

The day after 25manna there was 25mannakorten, a middle distance race that usually has got a strong starting field. And this year it was a WRE, which made the starting field even stronger than what it normally is. After last years disaster (well, 3rd – 30 seconds behind – maybe doesn’t sound like a disaster, but with 2 min mistakes it is!) I really wanted to do better this year, and prove to everyone who is the worlds best in this kind of terrain. And even though I didn’t feel too strong physically, and did some smaller mistakes, in whole I did a good race and managed to win quite clearly, which I am satisfied with! Map. Results. Splits.

I’ve also run another WRE, i.e. Blodslitet in Fredrikstad, Norway (yes, I know, not domestic – but close enough!). I didn’t really have any expectations regarding results, but as always I was hoping to do as well as possible. After a stupid mistake on the first loop, I ended up having a quite pleasant run with Flying Fred (we ran together for about 70-80% of the course), and after passing Anders Nordberg on the last loop, I ended up as 2nd and Fredrik as 3rd, a few minutes behind Olav who was too strong for us this day. I really enjoyed it (my first ever Blodslitet), and I’ll definitly be back next year! Map, part 1. Map, part 2. Results.

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