End of the international season – 5th in the overall World Cup

Going into the final World Cup weekend of 2013 I had top 6 overall as my goal, which I thought I quite easily should be able to do, since I wast 4th before the final 2 races. I was also hoping to do two top 10 performances on the individual races, and hopefully even better at the middle.

On the middle I had a good run, only making a few smaller mistakes, and (mostly) picking good routes. And even though I felt really slow going uphill, it was enough to make the podium, with a 6th place (best non-Swiss runner! The Swiss guys really show that they are fantastic in Mittelland terrain), which I am more than happy with. Map. Results. Splits.

The sprint, on the other hand, did not go as well as I had hoped for. I felt quite bad physically, and with the course (despite good routechoice legs) being pretty much a running contest, I found myself a little bit further down the result list than I wanted. However, it was still enough to make the podium in the overall World Cup, in which I ended up as 5th (again, best non-Swiss runner). Map. Results. Splits. Overall results.

With the international season coming to an end, it brings changes to the Swedish national team organization. Anneli Östberg quits after 9 years as national team coach (6 years and junior coach, and 3 years as senior coach). When I first started competing in the national sqaud I was 18, and Anneli was there. After my junior years, there could have been big changes going into the senior squad, but Anneli followed the 90-generation into the senior class, and showed confidence in us at once, selecting a lot of first year seniors in the national squad.

Ther has been a long journey from when I was 18 until now, 5 years later. I have developed a lot as an orienteer, and I have developed a lot as a person. And Anneli has been there all the way. Next year it will be the first time ever for me being in the national team and not have Anneli as a coach. I will be different, and I will surely miss having her as coach. However, I am convinced that all the good work the national team does will continue without Anneli, even if it for me (and for many others) will be a lot different on a personal level.

Thanks for everything Anneli, and good luck with everything in your future.

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  • Bra jobbat för i år Gustav. Det ser lovande ut för kommande år du har framför dig och snart är du bäst :) Men nu så får du fokusera på Brecon och bergen kring Black Mountains där OMM går om 1,5v. Lycka till och ta med lina så du får med dig Nick ;)

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