EOC Middle Qualification

I did a solid race in the qualifier here in Portugal. I ran comfortably all the way, and despite 2 big time losses (one because I didn’t see the control flag, and one because the control was misplaced – in total  60-80 s lost), I easily qualified for the final. The course was a bit different from what I was expecting, with a lot of semi-open areas, and a quite vague map, but as I said, no problem to get to the final for me.

And regarding those misplaced controls: I feel sorry for the organisers, because this will give them so much extra work. It is a shame that this could happen in an international championship, clearly there are som issues to be worked on, but I hope that this will be solved quickly, and any solution works with me, whether the results stands or everybody gets to run the final.


Men heat 1

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