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Swedish Long Distance Championships: Silver

After 2 weeks struggling with a cold, I was hoping for good legs in the toughest competition you run in a year: the Swedish long distance championships. With all the SM-competitions being held in Göteborg this year, I was really looking forward to it since I enjoy  the terrain very much. Before I caught the […]


After world champs I’ve been really busy; traveling a lot, competing a lot, and training a lot. After a few days rest after my two medal races in Vuokatti, I started a period of 12 competition races in 14 days. It started with a flight to Boden to participate in O-ringen. The terrain was really […]

Silver at WOC Relay!

WOC ended in a really good way. After my bronze at the middle distance, I was selected to run the last leg for the swedish relay team, which was exactly what I was hoping for. Before WOC started, I felt that the relay was probably my biggest chance to win a medal, so it had […]

Bronze at WOC Middle distance

After a stable qualifier, I was really looking forward to my race in the middle final. It is something that only happens once each year, for 45 runners, and I am one of them! I couldn’t help but smile while standing on the startline waiting for my map. This was going to be awesome! And […]

WOC Sprint

Today I have run my first races at this World Champs, and it feels really good to have gotten started! My performances, however, haven’t been quite as good as I hoped for. The qualifier this morning was quite okay. In my opinion a quite easy and boring course, where I managed to mess up the […]

WOC pre camp in Finland

Straight after Jukola the Swedish national team headed north to Vuokatti and a few days training for WOC. I was quite tired after Jukola, so I couldn’t do as much training as I had hoped for, but I still got some really nice sessions, both in the forest and in Kajaani doing some sprint. It […]

40th place at Jämsä-Jukola

After our 31st place at  10MILA, the OK Ravinen team was hoping to improve last years disastrous Jukola result (a 73rd place) with quite much. My goal before the competition was to switch the digits and make a 37th place, wich is by far the best from OK Ravinen in a few years. We had a […]

Nordic Orienteering Tour

The past week has been spent on tour with the swedish national team, during the second round of World Cups this year: The Nordic Orienteering Tour. Stage 1 – Sprint Norway The first race of the tour went pretty much as expected for me. A stable performace, and even though I didn’t feel so good […]

Överträning, allergi eller järnbrist?

Överträning, allergi eller järnbrist?

Efter förra helgens fysiska genomklappning har den här veckan ägnats åt en sak: Vila. Långdistansen i Sundsvall tog riktigt hårt på mig, och det tog många dagar innan jag kunde röra mig normal igen. Hela veckan har jag känt mig riktigt seg, och jag har fått göra om programmet rejält. Under veckans gång har vi […]

Helt sänkt! Silva League 6 och final.

Helgen har, som vanligt, spenderats med Silva League – den här gången finalhelgen i Sundsvall, med först en medeldistans och sedan jaktstart på totalställningen. Mina förväntningar var inte så höga inför helgen, då jag känt mig rätt sliten och nertränad de senaste veckorna, men jag hoppades ändå på hyfsade resultat. Medeldistansen var helt OK – […]

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