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Kongsberg & Imatra with back problems (& some other problems too…)

After some time with only Swedish competitions, I was really psyched for the international season to continue with World Cups in Norway and Finland. I do always enjoy tough terrain and good, long, courses, so I was especially looking forward to the middle and long in Kongsberg. I felt really confident about these races, and […]

Sprint-SM Gold in Uppsala

I came into this weekend as reigning Swedish Champion in sprint, which has never happened before, and I was feeling quite optimistic about my chances for another good race, and hopefully a medal. My expectations for the event was sky high, since I really trusted the organisers in OK Linné, and I knew that they […]

Silva League final in Luleå

This thursday I travelled straight (almost) from Lavarone in Italy to Luleå, and went from WOC-training mode to competition mode. Despite some troubles with our luggage (it didn’t show up at Arlanda on the thursday, and I had all my orienteering stuff in that bag – but eventually it all worked out fine, with the […]

WOC selections and WOC training

After 10mila, I went to Italy and Lavarone for 2 great weeks of WOC training (and test races in the middle of the camp). My main focus was not at all on the test races, but on my own preperations for WOC, and therefore I tried to train quite hard throughout the camp and not […]

Top 20 at 10MILA

10Mila is, as always, one of the season highlights, and definitly one of the competitions that I enjoy the most throughout the year. I find it especially inspiring that we have a good young team, with a lot of talent, that really is on it’s way up. Usually I run the last leg, but not […]

Silva League in Skåne

Another weekend with Swedish races done – this time a sprint and a long in Skåne. I didn’t go into these races with an especially good feeling, since I got really tired after last weekend, and didn’t really give myself any time to recover properly, but instead focused on continuing my hard training. Warming up […]

Swedish O-Easter

Just home from EOC, I jumped right into the Swedish O-easter, which always means a lot of competitions. For me, this year it consisted of 2 relays and a Silva League long distance. I really enjoy the smaller Swedish spring relays, but last years snowy conditions meant that all of them (!) were cancelled, so […]

Gold at EOC Relay

After a not at all succesfull middle distance for me, it now feels great to have finished the 2014 European Championships in the very best way possible: With a gold in the relay. Before the start I felt so confident with my capacity, and I was just looking forward to being able to get out […]

EOC Middle – Good speed but disastrous navigation

The middle distance was my big goal this championship, and I was feeling very confident coming into the competition. My running felt good, and I knew that I was able to make the perfect race. Picking up the map in the start, I realised that this was going to be very fast. Of course I […]

EOC Middle Qualification

I did a solid race in the qualifier here in Portugal. I ran comfortably all the way, and despite 2 big time losses (one because I didn’t see the control flag, and one because the control was misplaced – in total  60-80 s lost), I easily qualified for the final. The course was a bit […]

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