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World Cup round 2 in Spain

I was going in to these competitions not feeling very well prepared, due to the strain i got in my right thigh a few weeks ago, but I was still hoping to do some good results. The long distance was really tough, and I was having a hard time getting in to my usual orienteering […]

Ny samarbetspartner: Min Naprapatklinik

Jag har sedan en tid tillbaka ett samarbete med Min Naprapatklinik, en liten naprapatklinik i Sickla. Som elitidrottare är det oundvikligt att få små känningar lite då och då, och när man tränar på den nivån som jag gör, där man hela tiden försöker ligga på gränsen av vad kroppen klarar, är det väldigt viktigt […]

EOC training and EOC selections

The European Championships (EOC) are coming up fast, just a month to go, and last week in Turkey I realised that I haven’t trained at all in relevant terrain. Usually the Swedish national team prepares meticulously for international championships, but this years EOC has been an exception. Our focus is on WOC this summer, and that means […]

On the podium in Turkey

The World Cup of 2014 has started, with races in Turkey this weekend. We flew down to Antalya with the national team this monday,  and I had barely time to repack from OK Ravinen’s camp in Spain before I, once again, found myself at the airport. Anyway, we had some great days of easier training in […]

Season premiere in Andalucia

I have spent some days in the warmth of southern Spain, which was really nice as a change to the snowy Stockholm (even though pretty much all the snow has melted now). I traveled down with my club OK Ravinen, and we were almost 30 people over the competition weekend, and then 8 people who […]


This week I have vilovecka, which is rest week in swedish. Having vilovecka is awesome: I don’t have to plan my days in detail to get all the training done and I get a lot of free time to do other stuff. During the vilovecka you can really enjoy yourself! The last years I have been […]

OMM – The Original Mountain Marathon 2013

The 26-27th October I did my first ever Mountain Marathon – for those who don’t know what it is, it’s basically 2 days of mountain running (and a bit of navigation!) with all your kit (tent, sleeping bag, food, clothes etc.) in a rucksack, about 6 hours each day. The OMM, this year in Brecon […]

End of the domestic season with 25manna and WRE

After the final round of the World Cup there were still som races in Sweden to be run, including 25manna, which is always great fun, especially since it is the big relay where OK Ravinen has the best team. This year we were really aiming for a place among the top 10, which was well […]

End of the international season – 5th in the overall World Cup

Going into the final World Cup weekend of 2013 I had top 6 overall as my goal, which I thought I quite easily should be able to do, since I wast 4th before the final 2 races. I was also hoping to do two top 10 performances on the individual races, and hopefully even better […]

Swedish Middle and Relay Championships

The cold that troubled my preparations for the long distance champs didn’t want to let go of its grip on me, so the my physical shape was exactly as hard to predict for the middle as for the long. The qualifier went very well technically, and I also took it quite easy physically, saving myself […]

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